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GREEN BODY & FACE Kit microdermabrasion Cystal Face Exfoliant + Complete kit for Stretch Marks


Bundle up,combine shipping and save over $50 compared to buying separately with this kit. Now you can glow from top to bottom for less. 

COMPLETE KIT Stretch Marks Crystal Butter & Green15 Oil

Nothing else needed. Save time and ensure highest possible results by using already premixed crystals with raw ingredients. Just massage damp skin with Crystal Butter in circular motion over stretch marks, then rinse well and apply Green15 Oil.

Our Crystal Butter for Stretch Marks is made out of coarser size medical crystals suitable for larger body areas. Micro-crystals are mixed with our luxurious organic coco and avocado butters, vitamin e and rosehip oils that are most beneficial for overstretched skin.

Green15 Oil contains 15 pure organic cold pressed oils in perfect combination for treatment of stretch marks and scars. Bio-identical to our own skin oil and as such perfect for fresh stretch marks that range in color from pink, red to purple. Also natural and safe prevention of new stretch marks during pregnancy.

Directions: Massage damp skin preferably after shower in circular motions not lingering in one spot. Rinse well and use soap if needed to remove all crystals.

CRYSTAL FACE EXFOLIANT microdermabrasion face scrub

This exfoliant is made out of finer size medical crystals that are more suitable for around eye wrinkle area. They are mixed with organic natural cream and vitamin e . No thickening agent,non-greasy, fragrance-free and nothing artificial.  Gentle but powerful also brightens complexion. 

Directions: Apply to clean damp skin, circulate and rinse well with eyes CLOSED.

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