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Thank you Tina for these great photos:)

Quotes I'm a 54 yr old diabetic woman, with very dry, ashy skin and 20 years of sun worshiping hasn't helped. My skin is extremely sensitive and just to add to the fun I have a little bit of skin grafting scars on my neck from a bad accident. I have tried a zillion lotions and messy , gritty scrubs that were supposed to brighten up my face. Yeah, right. Just lightened up my wallet..As soon as the crystals arrived, I got my gentle face lotion, 2 pumps into my hand, then adding a tiny sprinkle of the crystals. I massaged around my face then the scars on my neck. I rinsed, and looked in the mirror: I GLOWED! I applied my natural skin oil, then makeup. It went on so smoothly, my skin felt like silk. I looked fresh and small wrinkles around mouth (smokers lines) weren't anywhere near as noticeable, fine lines around eyes-that worked super fast! my sun spots almost gone, IN JUST TWO USES! If it was me, I would name them, "MAGIC GLOW CRYSTALS"!!I You have a customer for life. Quotes
Tina from Maine, USA
Thank you for providing such a wonderful product

Quotes I am a practicing Esthetician in Medford Oregon, I have been doing microdermabrasion peels on myself for about 10 years and I can honestly say that I believe it has been the reason at age 49, I still love my skin! My water and nutritional intake, hereditary and a good home skin care regiment is also a big part in my healthly and youthful skin, but I still honestly believe the microdermabrasion is a very important role in the success I feel with my skin! Quotes
satisfied customer, OR
Over ten years microdermabrasion and still loving it!

Quotes The first time I tried the only thing I noticed was smoother skin the day of and the day after. Then my skin peeled like crazy. I went ahead and stuck with the weekly treatments. After the third treatment I noticed my skin getting firmer & my stretch marks fading! Quotes
Alexis, Omaha NE
Stick with the treatments, you will be amazed!

Quotes I've been wanting to try microdermabrasion forever now, but never could cough up the money to do it. I tried pure crystals and it is amazing! After one use my skin was the smoothest it's ever been, and now after two months, my pores are smaller, my skin color more even, wrinkles gone. They use the same minerals as the spa's for a portion of the price! Quotes
Amanda, San Diego
Microdermabrasion.. im giving it a go the organic way