This collection of frequently asked questions (FAQ) provides brief answers to many common questions about this site and microdermabrasion crystals. If you can't find answer to your question please use our contact form.

Payment & Support:

  1. What payment options do you offer?

    We offer PayPal and Google Checkout. If you don't own any of these two accounts, you can still pay using your credit card or bank account. Just click on Pay-with-PayPal button during checkout, you will see on the left side credit card logo pictures and above them link to CONTINUE..click on this link and complete the form. You still enjoy full security and protection from PayPal even though you don't have their account.

  2. Do you offer any kind of guarantee?

    We offer Unconditional Customer Satisfaction Guarantee which means we will solve any kind of problem you have to your satisfaction. Fill out our form with your basic information and we will do everything in our power to help the situation. We appreciate your time and effort, therefore, we respond to all your concerns.

  3. How fast items ship?

    All items ship same business day if payment is received before 3pm CST or the next morning.

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Microdermabrasion Medical Crystals:

  1. Is Micro Abrasion Suitable For Me?

    If the goal is to get rid of superficial acne scars, stretch marks, blotchy skin, large pores, age or sun spots, fine wrinkles or uneven skin tone and texture, you are a perfect candidate for micro dermabrasion. All skin types and colors can be treated with microdermabrasion.

  2. What Can Microdermabrasion Do For Me?

    Microdermabrasion can reduce fine lines and wrinkles, helps fight acne and remove acne scarring, evens skin tone, eliminates white and black heads, minimizes large pores and revitalizes dull skin. Microdermabrasion helps skin regeneration by increasing its elasticity and collagen production. The skin looks fresh and feels smooth as soon as treatment is over. With micro abrasion, there is no recovery time and no discomfort.

  3. How often can I have microdermabrasion treatment?

    If your skin type is not sensitive you can do body treatments almost every day and facial treatments every couple of days. However, skin should not feel sore or irritated. In fact, for optimal results, you should allow few days interval between each session.

  4. How Do I Prepare For Microdermabrasion?

    One of the advantages of microdermabrasion is minimum pre-treatment planing. You may stop taking aspirin-based medicines, Retin-A, Renova, Differin or glycolic acid products. Stopping smoking a day before microdermabrasion is also recommended to improve blood flow and so is avoiding sunbathing and waxing.

  5. Will I Experience Any Discomfort During Treatment? Does It Hurt?

    Microabrasion treatment is painless.Your face may appear a little pinkish in the first couple of hours, but you should not experience any itchiness or pain.

  6. How Many Treatments Are Required?

    You will notice change under your fingers first time you use it. Major changes are obvious after the fifth session, even though most users say they observed improvements after the first two. It all depends on how old are the scars and your own age (younger the skin is faster the changes).

  7. How much crystals do I need?

    It depends on the treatment area size but a little goes long way. For the whole face treatment you would need generously around 1 oz /30 gr of crystals. For body areas you would need to adjust accordingly.

  8. How do I use medical crystals?

    You will receive detailed instructions with your order. Basically, you pump cleanser, cream or oil into your hand and sprinkle with some crystals. Then you massage this paste in circular motions around your face. For the body you do the same just more vigorously and you can pre-mix this paste and keep it in a plastic container. What kind of oils or creams you use depends on your skin type. If your face easily breaks out then aloe vera gel is a good choice, if it's dry then almond, vitamin E  or any other kind of oil is great.

  9. Do You See Results After Using Microdermal Abrasion Just Once?

    Yes, results are visible after the first microdermabrasion. Best results are obtained after 6 to 12 sessions (depending on your expectations and severity of skin imperfections).

  10. Does Microdermabasion Help Asian or Dark Skin?

    Home microdermabrasion product is appropriate for all skin colors because this procedure sandblasts only the outermost skin layer which is made of dead skin cells. There's no damage to live tissue which could cause scarring or severe irritation.

  11. How Can Microdermabrasion Make Enlarged Pores Smaller?

    Microdermabrasion stimulates collagen growth which is why it's effective on enlarged pores. Collagen production is stimulated through skin exfoliation. This way, the oil in the glands can again reach the surface of your skin and your pores can return to their natural shape and size.

  12. Can Microdermabrasion Help The Face?

    By resurfacing the top layer of the skin, personal microdermabrasion does work. It can help fight mild acne, acne scarring, clogged and enlarged pores, age and sun spots, stretch marks, freckles, and fine lines, tired and dull skin. More severe skin imperfections require more invasive procedures like laser or chemical peeling.

  13. Does Microdermabasion Help Reduce Uneven Skin Tone?

    Uneven skin tone is the result of a skin disorder called hyperpigmentation. Medical micro-crystals abrade the top layer of the skin where unevenly pigmented skin cells are stuck.

  14. Does Microdermabrasion Make Sun Spots Less Noticeable?

    Microdermoabrasion removes the outermost layer of the skin by sandblasting it with micro crystals. During the procedure, part of the pigment is physically eliminated and, at the same time, collagen production is stimulated so that your skin regains its density and elasticity. After 6 to 12 microdermabrasion treatments, smaller sun spots are entirely removed while larger ones fade significantly.

  15. Does Micro Dermabrasion Help Eliminate Blackheads?

    By exfoliating the top layer of the skin, microdermal exfoliation cleans deep into the pore and removes excess oil and dirt that clog pores - which causes blackheads. Most blackheads are removed while more stubborn blackheads are reduced.

  16. Does Microdermabrasion Make Hyperpigmentation Less Noticeable?

    Microdermal exfoliation works on hyperpigmentation. The micro-crystal flow abrades the top layer of the skin where unevenly pigmented skin cells are stuck. How long it takes depends on severity.

  17. What Can't Microabrasion Do?

    Microdermabasion can not cure severe scarring or deeply spotted areas on your face and body. Microderm abrasion works well at the very top layer of the skin. It cannot reconstruct the epidermis like laser surgery. Don't expect microdermabrasion to disappear or treat severe burn scars.

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Safety Guidelines:

  1. Are medical crystals safe?

    Medical crystals are perfectly safe and non-toxic if ingested. They don't cause adverse skin reactions and they are not carcinogen. They are micro-sized so, do not inhale them and rinse them well after use.

  2. Are There Any Risks Involved?

    Microdermabrasion is virtually risk-free. It is non-invasive and mild, so you have nothing to worry about.

  3. What's the difference between crystals and store bought scrubs?

    Most store bought scrubs are made of apricot or walnut shells which are smashed into smaller pieces, very pointy and scratchy. They create more damage deep in the skin, clog pores and cause breakouts. Crystals are perfectly rounded balls and roll around without damage. They don't scratch rather loose up old dead skin cells.

  4. How Safe Is Using MicroDermAbrasion While Nursing?

    We recommend that you wait until you deliver your baby and finish the nursing period before microdermabrasion. Your skin is more sensitive during pregnancy and nursing due to hormonal changes.

  5. Is Microdermbrasion Safe After Accutane (Isotretinoin)?

    Microdermabrasion is not recommended for patients taking Accutane. This acne treatment works by reducing the amount of oil produced by the skin's sebaceous glands which reduces the skin's ability to recover after body or facial exfoliation. Having microdermabrasion while on Accutane may cause scarring. This applies to OTC kit and office treatment.

  6. Are There Any Microderm Abrasion Contraindications?

    Microdermabrasion is not recommended to keratosis sufferers, people with undiagnosed lesions, active rosacea or acne, weeping acne (stages 3 to 4) auto-immune disorders, fragile capillaries, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis or lupus. Recent laser surgery or Accutane acne treatment may also be sound reasons for your doctor not to recommend microdermabrasion.

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